Two students in Fort Zumwalt School District out with swine flu

Two students in the Fort Zumwalt School District have confirmed cases of swine flu.

The students, a 14-year-old  boy and a 12-year-old girl, attend middle schools in the district, according to Cameron Satterfield, spokesman for the St. Charles County Department of Health and the Environment. 

Satterfield said neither chidl was hospitalized. The boy was treated and has returned to school, while the girl is out of school and is being treated.  The boy and girl have no apparent links to each other, or to the 24-year-old man from O’Fallon who was the first in the area to contract the illness.

It’s still unclear where the boy or girl picked up swine flu, Satterfield said. Neither had been recently out of the country, which could indicate they picked it up in the area, he said.

Currently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending schools do not close unless outbreaks of swine flu make it impossible to operate normally. According to reports from the school district, they continue to sanitize the buildings and monitor sick students and staff members.

As of May 13, there were 18 confirmed cases of swine flu in Missouri, including three in St. Charles County. Across the country, 3,352 people have confirmed cases of swine flu and 3 have died from the illness.





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