St. Charles School Board Meeting

The St. Charles School Board of Education will meet  Thursday at  7:30 p.m. at the District Administration Building, 400 North 6th Street, St. Charles, Mo.

Several issues are up for discussion, including  a resolution to move forward with funding the $1.2 million synthetic turf installation project by issuing bonds. The district would pay off the bonds over 10 years with an annual $125,000 annual payment. The payment would be funded by relocating cell phone tower revenue ($18,000), eliminating field maintenance costs, and raising tickets to games at both high schools and moving those funds generated through ticket sales to the annual payment. The board of education approved a contract with Byrnes and Jones Construction for the project at the April 28 meeting.

Additionally, the board will consider:

  • Two designs for a replacement press box at St. Charles West High School. One design would be four times the size of the existing press box and would cost more than $200,000. A second design would be twice the size of the press box and would cost $130,000. The administration is recommending the board of education select the second choice. The administration had budgeted originally $100,000 for the project, but Assistant Superintendent of Business Rick Radford said the original $70,000 budgeted for the repairs to the St. Charles West field would cover any additional cost.
  • The classified staff collective bargaining agreement with the district. The classified staff salary schedule includes an average 3.5 percent salary increase and the addition of one paid holiday (President’s Day) for employees who have been with the district for less than 12 months.
  • New curriculum for physical education (k-12), driver’s education, theater, speech and social studies (k-4).
  • Whether to add a day of school to the Jefferson Middle School calendar for this year. A power outage on May 6 caused school to be canceled.  If the school board decided not to add the day, the students would have still had the minimum number of days and minutes required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The administration is recommending the students not make up the day. 
  • A date for the board of education to meet with district officials to talk about important issues.

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