Decision to add turf stirs debate

The St. Charles school district’s decision to install two artificial fields at the two high schools has raised some debate amongst people who are commenting on my story on the issue.

I’ve also heard from people who were angry because they thought a middle school field day that was scheduled for next week at St. Charles West High School would be canceled so that Byrne and Jones, the construction contractors, could start excavating the field.

But I spoke with Superintendent Randy Charles, who said the field day was not canceled but was moved up to Friday, May 15. Charles said the contractors will dig the field down 10 to 12 inches and build up a rock base. He said he’s not sure whether crews will start work on one or both fields next week.


2 responses to “Decision to add turf stirs debate

  1. Not to defend the school board, but hey, the only people who was showing up at their meetings and voicing their opinions were those in favor of the turf. In fact I really wasn’t for it until I watched the meeting televised and I heard some good reasoning. There wasn’t anyone there voicing not to do it, and this thing was on the agenda for at least 2 months, they were in heavy discussion…now those against it cry foul? Should be paying more attention to the meetings so they can have a say when there is a situation like this that occurs.

  2. I’m sorry but there have been people at those school board meetings to voice out against this decision. If you’d have notice last Thursday’s meeting the board cut off the person voicing against their decision at the 3 minute mark and then let the people who were for it talk past the 3 minute mark. It’s not a good decision to do these upgrades in this environment. I agree the turf is excellent and will play well but not when the board is already worried about where the money is coming from. Bad policies all around.

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