Dental check ups at your school

Nurses in the St. Charles school district talked to me last week about the number of students they see that complain about tooth aches and have signs of decay on their teeth and gums.

There’s not much a nurse can do, however, besides give the student some topical ointment and tell their parents they need to see a dentist. But for families whose children have Medicaid, finding a dentist who will treat their children can be difficult. One nurse in the district told me the only dentist she could find to treat these children was in O’Fallon. The distance can be a problem for parents who can’t leave work or have transportation problems.

That’s why the nurses in the St. Charles School district were excited about a new program that’s come to the district this spring – ReachOut Healthcare America. The organization visits the schools frequently and sets up a mobile dentist office to provide care for students inside the schools.

Several school districts across St. Louis are working with this organization, but the St. Charles School district is the first in St. Charles County.

Read more about it here


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