Life Stories: Ken Biermann

I never had the opportunity to meet Ken Biermann, a retired teacher at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. He died Feb. 14 after a short illness, but his death came as a shock to many of the teachers and students who knew him.

He is one of the first people written about for the new Life Stories feature that will run twice a month on Sundays.

I found out that Mr. Biermann was ill from a Facebook message sent out to people who are members of the Academy of the Sacred Heart group. Alumni who were scattered across the country have left messages on the facebook page, on the funeral home’s memorial page, and have sent e-mails of condolence to Biermann’s good friend and fellow teacher John Storjohann.

Mr. Storjohann sent me an e-mail with some thoughts about the influence educators can have on their students lives and how long that influence can carry out.

“As educators, we are all aware that we have a sphere of influence over our students…how they perceive adults, how they perceive education, how they perceive the school
community around them, etc.; but where that sphere stops, and how far
into the future it extends, is something that I don’t think we can ever underestimate.”

Teachers out there- do you think about these things? Are there students who have told you that you have impacted their lives? Everyone else, what influence have teachers had on you?


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