A student’s perspective

In the Wednesday Journal, there is a story that analyzes where graduates from each school district go after high school – to a four-year, two-year college, to a technical school, to the work force, or to the military. Trends over the past four years show that some districts (Francis Howell) send more students to a four year school  while other districts (Orchard Farm) send more students into the work force.

But so many factors go each person’s decision. We want to hear from parents and students who are trying to figure it out now- how has the economy impacted your post-graduation plans? Are you rethinking a certain career? How are you paying for school? E-mail me at kponche@yourjournal.com

Here’s what some students had to say:


Jeremy Visor, 17

senior at Francis Howell Central

Goal: major in biomedical engineering

“It was never a question of whether I was going to college, it’s where.”

Visor is still not sure which college he’ll attend after graduating this spring, but it’s not for a lack of looking around.

Starting in seventh grade, Visor’s mom took him to visit colleges across the country. She has always been involved in the process of picking a school, he said. Now, Visor has his choices narrowed down, but he’s still waiting to hear about scholarships.

“It’s very stressful,” he said.

Zachary Serguson, 18

senior at St. Charles High School

Goal: to gain more discipline

“I leave June 2 to go to boot camp for the Marines.”

Serguson thought about joining the military at a young age and during his junior and senior year talked to several recruiters about the possibility.

His two family members who also served in the Marine Corps have been an example to Serguson of what he might accomplish someday.

“It’s something different,” he said. “I’ll be challenged. I like a challenge; that’s why I did sports in high school.”

Dan Bradley, 18

senior at St. Charles High School

Goal: to have a career in law enforcement

“I’m still looking, but I’m looking for a place I can play football and study criminal justice that’s far enough away from home.”

Bradley considered going into the military because he wasn’t sure he would have a high enough ACT score to get into college. But his football coach introduced him to some coaches at a school in Iowa.

“The possibility of playing football, that opened my eyes to college,” Bradley said. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to get in.”

Bradley is waiting to hear about scholarships before he makes a decision. The school is three hours away — close enough to come home for mom’s spaghetti.

“I can come back like every other month,” he said.


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